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The Battered Woman Syndrome (BWM) is a syndrome whereas women react in a certain manner because of repetitively physical or psychological abused imposed on them by their mates. The Battered Woman Syndrome (BMW) is not limited in one area or location it is a problem that is occurring all over in the world (2009, pg. 148). Like every other issue in the world criticism come into play by psychologists and others when someone claims that they are victims of the Battered Woman Syndrome or the Battered Woman Defense when they are taken to trial for killing their batterers (BMW) (2009, pgs. 162-163). One criticism in particularly relates to whether or not if there some legitimacy to a victim claim as a battered woman and also was it…show more content…
The defense lawyer feels that the reaction of the battered woman after the death of her batterer is very important, so they call the officer to the stand to ask him questions about this particular time (2009, pg. 163). Two important and well thought of forms of criticisms can come along with the battered woman syndrome, one form is that women are categorized by others as being sensitive, powerless and submissive when she is living with a batterer. Another form is that sometimes there are deficiencies with the appropriate hypothetical and background information which make it difficult to use in court (2009, pg. 178). There have been times whereas lawyers and judges have misconstrued the use of the battered woman syndrome and the fact that women claim that they were only defending themselves. These lawyers and judges thinks that the battered woman defense is used by experts only to clarify why the action of women as a battered woman. When battered women claim self-defense after killing their batterers’ some lawyers takes on the role of partiality which produces inadequately defense for women. Denial by society is another problem that women face as a battered woman or using the battered woman defense. Sometimes the reaction of a lawyer and judge shows up in disbelief and awkwardness when they find out the defendant is alleging the battered woman syndrome to help with her defense. (Dowd 1991, pgs. 11-12).
It is hard enough for woman to

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