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Critique of “The Myth Of The Millennials” Critique of “The Myth of the Millennials” After analyzing Edwin W. Koc’s article, “The Myth of the Millennials,” he demonstrates disbelief that millennial students are more than “self-indulgent, entitled, and dependent as adults and employees.” His point specifies that millennial parents emphasize their children’s needs first by often working more than one job, these millennial parents ensured that their children could engage in their individual desires. However, instead of helping them, millennial students and workers grow up with a false notion of reality; they erroneously believe that life is all about them, which creates problems in the workplace. The…show more content…
The apprehension are not concern the millennials’ ability to perform the jobs, but also whether or not they can be fully developed within the workforce. In the article, “The Myth of the Millennials,” Edwin W. Koc asserts: It is not the physical existence of this group that is in question, but rather the notion that behavior of these individuals, especially as it concerns their entry and development in the workforce. That is the essential point of those who argue that there is a Millennial generation that possess a unique set of attitude towards the job market and the world of work that further translate into a unique set of behaviors when these individuals search for jobs or are involved in working through their careers (Koc, 2008, P. 14). Understanding the motivation of millennial employees is important as it helps in setting mutual expectations for success within the workforce. Millennials are keener on completing assigned tasks as this opens up new opportunities for an employer to motivate and reward. Younger employees are very likely to respond to offers of paid time off. In organizations it is important to tailor the workplace to meet the needs of the organization and employee needs. In meeting these needs, the company will succeed. Moreover, there should be no myth about whether the Millennal generation exists because this generation has unique set of skills that sets them apart from other previous
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