Critique Of A Group 's Project

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Critique of Another Group’s Project Introduction As a quality improvement professional, I was presented with a Peer Review Quality Improvement Project to critically evaluate the structure and elements within the project. The purpose of this paper will describe the results of the critique ratings and methods used to evaluate the Quality Improvement Project. Subsequently, it will make recommendations and provide constructive feedback to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Improvement Project to improve the quality performance problems related to medication errors. Develop a Performance Improvement Plan? The rating of 8 is given for the development of the performance improvement plan. This rating is based on the following reasons:…show more content…
Conversely, I recommend making the performance improvement plan flexible to adjust to unknown circumstances that may affect the organization goals of implementation success. Develop a maintenance plan? In regards to the maintenance plan, this element is given a rating of 7 for initiating the maintenance plan. Nevertheless, the maintenance plan does not describe any methodologies to incorporate to measure the process data to verify that signature double checking decrease medication errors. It is recommended that the group incorporate methodologies into the maintenance plan to measure the quality initiatives data and take action to improve the overall success of the performance improvement plan. For example, simple methodologies may be used such as performance against bench marks or actual verses expected performance to monitor the continuous cycle to address quality initiatives (Lighter, 2013). Develop an assessments plan? The element in regards to the assessment plan is rated 6. The rating is based on the efforts to develop timeframes and a multidisciplinary team to evaluate the assessment plan. However, the assessment plan does not describe methods or tools used to evaluate the assessment plan process to decrease medication errors. It is recommended the group implement a process to assess methods to decrease medication errors such as plan-do-check-act (PDAC) to be
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