Critique Of A Research Study

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Excelsior College M7A1: Critique of a Research Study This paper critiques “Patient Education in Rural Community Hospitals: Registered Nurses ' Attitudes and Degrees of Comfort” (Jones, 2010). The study’s purpose, the author stated, was to look at how certain variables affected registered nurses’ attitudes toward and comfort with educating their patients (p. 43). Jones also said that one aspect of the research’s purpose was to check how attitudes affected how information was transmitted to patients by nurses, though in reality, the study actually measured whether the variables Jones measured—not attitude—affected how frequently nurses taught patients (p. 45). The author notes that the study’s purpose was limited to nurses working directly with patients in a rural and acute health care environment; only nurses in that situation were surveyed (p. 43). Jones is a well-educated nurse-researcher. Besides being a credentialed registered nurse (NEA-BC), Jones holds an MSN and a Doctor of Education degree (p. 41). Indeed, the study was created as Jones’s dissertation (Jones, 2007). Given her PhD, it is understandable that the author is interested in the role nurses play in teaching patients. Jones’s background as a nurse and education expert qualifies her to investigate this research topic, which sits at the intersection of nursing and teaching. Variables The study has a rather complicated set of variables. The independent variables examined were academic preparation in
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