Critique Of A Scholastic Literature Review

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A scholastic literature review is an essential component of many types of papers written not only in the field of business but as well as in other fields of expertise. This importance (Taylor, 2007) stems from the fact that in order to become an aristocrat in any field of endeavor, an individual must know his field expansively and that critical reviews of up-to-date literature permit the professional to make sound and informed decisions, to act in an expert and scholastic manner, and to set policy based on intellectual facts in his or her field of expertise. Thus, making Review of Related Literature a requirement in professional papers such as thesis and dissertations in business and in other disciplines. As for Hart (1998), the purpose of the Review of Related Literature includes recognizing what has been done for the topic from what needs to be done as well as discovering important variables relevant to the study or topic, identifying the relationship of idea and practice and understanding the structure of the subject. Review of Related Literature and Studies is known as an overview of previous researches and or publications on the author’s area of concentration or topic. According to Mongan-Rallis (2014), a literature review, which is another term for the…show more content…
Randolph (2009) noted in his scholarly article that the three common formats in writing the researcher’s review includes the Historical Format, wherein, the studies are written in chronological order; the Conceptual Format, wherein the writer considers the concept present in the related studies and the Methodological Format which focuses on how the related studies are made. However, it is noteworthy that a combination of the abovementioned formats are also effective in writing the review and that the way that the format of the review for a thesis depends upon the type of information that the researcher have
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