Critique Of A Syllabus Analysis

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In order to gain a better understanding of the role of a good syllabus in teaching, I present my critique of the syllabus of the course SOWK 732: Social work practice with organization and communities. Before starting the critique of the syllabus, it is necessary to review the purpose and characteristics of a syllabus. A syllabus is not only a contract between the instructor and students (Step to a good syllabus, n.d.; Cullen, 2013), but also an attempt to improve the learner-centered academic experience. With these purposes, I consider a good syllabus as one of the basic communication channels between the instructor and students. Thus, this communication channel should be clear, specific, and informative in the expectations, objectives, and…show more content…
One of the strengths of this syllabus is the learning outcomes of the course based on the educational policy and accreditation standards [EPAs] of the Council of Social Work Education [CSWE]. The presentation of EPAs competencies, which implicates what students will be able to do if they complete the course successfully, helps construct students’ perception of the course’s purpose in the preparation for their future as social workers. The syllabus also does a good job when connecting social work core competencies with practice behaviors and related assignments. In short, at the first two pages, the syllabus would help students perceive clearly the objectives and expectations they could set up for themselves during the…show more content…
Students’ rights and responsibilities are introduced reasonably. In addition to basic information related to using cellphone, students with disabilities, and others, the syllabus also provides the links for more details published by USC, that may contribute to enhance the sense of integrity among students.
Section four with course outline presented in a table by weeks is easy for students to follow. Each week is introduced with the main topic and readings. However, it may be better if the course outline incorporates the due dates for assignments and group project milestones. Because this course combines in-class activities and service learning, the workload of students is intensive. It may be easier for students to keep on track with different deadlines.
In summary, the leading instructor of course SOWK 732 designed a good and useful syllabus. The syllabus include necessary, transparent, and informative details in a systematic and logical structure. However, the syllabus is quite long that may lead to the fact that students would not read the whole document carefully. Besides, as the syllabus was designed for six classes in the spring semester in 2016, there is no contact information of the instructors in the syllabus. That information may be introduced in a different
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