Critique Of Carl Jung 's Theory Of The Collective Unconscious

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Critique 3- Discussion of Carl Jung
Discuss the Analytical Theory of Carl Jung.
Do not complete a Theory Template for this theorist. Instead complete the following discussion questions:
1. Explain the Jungian concept of the "collective unconscious".
Ans: Among Jung 's numerous hypotheses is the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious has been portrayed as the storage facility of inactive memory follows acquired from the past that incline individuals to respond to the world in specific ways. The collective unconscious rises above individual experience and mirrors. Collective unconscious, a term instituted via Carl Jung, alludes to structures of the unconscious personality which are shared among creatures of the same species. As per Jung, the human aggregate oblivious is populated by impulses and by models: general images, for example, the Great Mother, the Wise Old Man, the Shadow, the Tower, Water, the Tree of Life, and some more. Fear of the dim and apprehension of snakes are cases of responses that Jung accepted began in the collective unconscious, reflecting obsolete remains. The collective unconscious likewise incorporates an abundance of myths, pictures, and images of which prime examples are particularly imperative cases. Prime examples are unconscious universal energies that outcome from rehashed human experience and incline individuals to see the world and sort out their recognitions specifically ways. Models are intrinsic and have been transmitted…

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