Critique Of Modern Heroes : Elvis Presley

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Critique of Modern Heroes
Elvis Presley, Harper Lee, Charlie Chaplin, wow, I mean, wow, have you ever heard a group of more irrelevant and uninfluential people. I can 't believe these people were thought to be the biggest role models ever. Like who really cares if Elvis Presley “revolutionized music” when he introduced rock and roll to the world or if Harper Lee created an iconic book that changed world views on racism or even that Charlie Chaplin was considered to be one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema. Like, WHATEVER, there are way more and way better life altering people nowadays. Like, for instance, Danielle Bregoli or Cash Me Ousside, for those of you who don 't care enough to look up her name. She has taught
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We, like, have to make sure that kids these days have authentic role models that have achieved great things, in order to encourage them to follow suit. No fictitious or tedious idols like Batman, the youngsters of today must dream of being someone else, someone better, someone who is the biggest and best non-fictional superhero of America, Donald Trump (GROUP OF THREE). Americans are, legit, so blessed to have this super intelligent and life altering man as their federal leader! I have got to say that even though we are not American, I bet we can all agree that Trump has positively influenced so many people, worldwide. First off, Trump has clearly expressed that women are no more than looks and are only good for their bodies. Wow, how insightful and intelligent is he? We, women, really owe him a lot for him putting us in our rightful places and returning us to our pre-feminist wave mindsets. Thanks, Trump! Also, Donald Trump constantly demonstrates that a good president should acknowledge when their citizens are in danger and prevent using any means necessary. So thank gosh, he did exactly that by issuing a travel ban specifically targeting muslims in and out of America. According to his un-flawed logic if a muslim person gives one a dirty look that, like, must mean that all muslims pose a threat to that person, right? (RHETORICAL QUESTION) Well, issuing this muslim ban brought on quite a

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