Critique Of My Ipc Class

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IV. Critique the Theory In my IPC class we discussed five criteria for evaluating theories and those are: scope, testability, parsimony, utility, and heuristic value. Scope refers to how much does the theory describe and explain. The theory describes and explains its rules-based system fairly clearly, although I feel that the rules are a little vague and should be more in depth to have a better understanding for the readers. On the other hand, it explains the main idea of the theory extremely well, very easy to relate to and understand. Testability asks is it testable. This theory is definitely testable, I found numerous studies and experiments examining this theory and the studies were very accurate and brought up valid points. You can see that being informed prior to the study about this theory dramatically changes the results of these experiments compared to participants that haven’t even heard of it and know nothing about it at all. Parsimony is asking is it appropriately simple to understand, describing, explaining, and predicting future events. The best theories are appropriately simple and therefore are more well known and widely used. CPM theory was very simple to understand especially as a freshman in college it really appealed to me because it is so evident in my life right now. The explanation on the theory was very simple to perceive, and the theory directly gave all of the details in ten to twelve easy to understand
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