Critique Of Qualitative Research Paper

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Stress among college students can be detrimental to social health and education. That is why Leslie A. Stewart, Franco Dispenza, Lindy Parker, Catherine Y. Chang, and Taffey Cunnien developed a study, focusing on stress management and interventions within the college student population. The purpose of this paper is to critique the quantitative research study conducted by Stewart et al. (2014). The underlying purpose of the study and the purpose statement revealed the variables and population, with the independent variable being the AAT outreach intervention (dog therapy, in this study) and the dependent variables being both the loneliness and anxiety experienced by the identified population of college students. The researchers tested and studied a new, creative and innovative intervention regarding the AAT outreach program with therapeutic animals such as dogs and the ability of those animals to reduce stress and anxiety of college students. Concurrently, both stress and anxiety…show more content…
If the stress levels and anxiety can be reduced through this AAT outreach program study, nurses could not only improve patient outcomes in both community and acute care settings but also improve their own outcomes within life. The study and research could impact practice by improving stress levels for all parties; it could impact administration by allowing administration to develop educational programs or in-services on stress relief to help produce better overall outcomes for all parties; Nurse managers and educators could provide meetings in morning huddles to provide tips on stress relief which could improve overall work productivity; Conclusively, if the study and research is effective, policy could be changed, such as mandating breaks every few hours depending on shift length, to help encourage a less stressful
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