Critique Of Sirota's Essay

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As stated in text critique number one, where I explored and discussed the analytics of David Sirota’s “New data shows school ‘reformers’ are full of it”, the argument is strong and easily identifiable. The article flows and uses effective rhetorical devices to prove his points. As far as the interpretive side of it goes, I will explain the extent to which the author displays interpretive analysis and how that makes a difference in today’s society, and what the author meant for it to mean when published. One of the biggest overlying pieces of this article, is the narrative brought into view within the first few sentences- American Exceptionalism. People everywhere, disregarding their views on the problems in the school system, agree that America is the best in everything else, therefore our schools should be top-of-the-line and produce high achieving scholars that can compete with anyone from around the world. It doesn’t matter that there are students coming from all different types of backgrounds- we need to be on top. Putting the idea of this narrative in the beginning of the article, the author sets up the option for the reader to try to see why reformers are set on fixing the “issue” in our system. We want to be the best. Have pride in our…show more content…
They may have evidence supporting their own ideas, such as educators or unions being part of the problem or the general public education system- none of which include the poverty issue. Another argument may be that the poverty part may, in fact, just solely be from David Sirota’s, author of the article, viewpoint. Or, the reformers, since assumingly they have large amounts of money and are typically considered to be in the upper-class, could just not be aware that high poverty levels exist in about one of every five state and locally funded
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