Critique Of The Ecological Model And The Pie Theoretical Framework

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The following information will briefly discuss my critique of the ecological model and the pie theoretical framework. Moreover, from a social work perspective, it is important to look at all interrelated components of any issue or problem, to effectively work towards a solution. Our mission in social work, is to meet the needs of our client population. Also, we have to be culturally competent in this field, and aware of oppression, and human diversity, to effectively work with our client population. Lastly, we as social workers have to be research informed, and knowledgeable about interventions to effectively work with any given population. My Critique of the Ecological Model & the Pie Theoretical Framework
First of all, the Ecological Model and the Pie Theoretical Framework help practitioners to understand the many problems related to diversity, and oppression, and help practitioners to find solutions. Thus, we all are unique and different in many ways and deserve fair treatment. From an historical perspective, as social workers, it is important for us to have a complete understanding of diversity, and oppression, so we can be effective in helping our client population. Appleby, Colon & Hamilton (2011), mentioned Susan Dworak-Peck, who stated, “The social work profession has suffered from the lack of a unifying framework that might bring together the diverse areas of expertise within our profession. Yet, the Pie system helps to strengthen and unify us as practitioners in
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