Critique Of The Heidegger 's ' Hon 105 - Philosophical Inquiry

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Thomas Rietz Professor McNeill HON 105 - Philosophical Inquiry Technology as Unconcealment Throughout the entirety of human existence, man has thought within the realm of the universe, and has relatively recently found the usage of technology as a means to an end. Technology as a whole is reliant upon humanity for it’s creation, and we are it’s sole provider of it’s unconcealment. These statements sum up what Martin Heidegger deplores about modern technological thought. In fact, at first it seems that Heidegger despises technology. Once one becomes more acclimated to his etymology, and looks more deeply into his explanation, we see technology as a challenging forth, a prodding of the environment. What Heidegger truly means to accomplish with his essay The Question Concerning Technology is not to defame technological advancement or technology in general. It is to ready humans for a “free relationship” with technology, and to make us think critically and artfully about what the implications are for our current mode of thought. We invoke the usage of technology, and create it. However, understanding the essence of technology has become overly simplified. Understanding the essence of technology should not be left to the technical, scientific minds as it is today, but rather, the philosophical minds. Heidegger seems to say that without this understanding, we will rot in the dismissive arrogance of presuming we control the whole of existence. The free relationship Heidegger

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