Critique Of The Milgrim Experiment

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The Milgrim Critique

Over the years Stanley Milgrim’s experiment has been one of the most discussed and controversial experiments in the psychology world. The experiment is the study of obedience over authority and was based on the idea on why many Germans decided to obey Hilter knowing that his actions were unjustifiable. Ethical issues were questioned after the results were published. Milgrim was interested to find out how people would respond on an authority figure given the circumstances. Since then psychologists tried to replicate the experiment to get a better understand the human behavior.
Jerry M. Burger is one of the psychologists who decided to replicate the Milgram experiment. When Burger decided to replicate Milgram’s research he knew that there were things that needed to change in order to get a better understanding and reliable results on the experiment. Milgram’s subjects for the experiment were chosen randomly, and were mostly white men. These subjects were not screened at all. Milgram did not question his participants whether they have healthy issues or not. But unlike Burger’s participants that went through a two-step screening process. Burger made sure that the participants he chose does not have any conditions that might harm the participant at the end of the experiment or any psychology background that knows about the experiment. He also added some re pre-cautions just to make sure that the participants on this experiments were completely safe.

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