Critique Of The Performance Management Process Essay

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Critique of the Performance Management Process “Performance appraisal encroaches upon ‘one of the most emotionally charged activities in business life – the assessment of a man’s contribution and ability” (Narcisse & Harcourt, 2008, p. 1152; Thompson & Dalton, 1970, p. 150). The performance management process is a tool organizations use to align the mission and strategic goals with the employee’s expectations. Furthermore, the process can groom employees to perform at their optimum potential (Schanie & Kemper, 2008). There are six primary components of the performance management process that intertwine with each other; without one the system is not whole. Performance Management Process Components The six components of the performance management process are prerequisites, performance planning, performance execution, performance assessment, performance review, and performance renewal and recontracting (Aguinis, 2013, p. 38). Subcomponents of performance planning include results, behaviors, and development plan (Aguinis, 2013, p. 46). Additionally, subcategories of performance execution are employee responsibilities and supervisor responsibilities. This paper will concentrate of the performance planning and performance assessment elements. Components Relationship Performance planning and performance assessment are two of the six components comprising of the performance management process. As has been noted, the subcomponents of performance planning are results,
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