Critique On Hunting Research Paper

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Critique on Hunting Countless animals are illegally hunted all throughout the world. These poachers that kill these animals illegally must be stopped or these animals will face extinction. Many of these animals are already rare and are becoming more rare as the others are killed. These people that murder these outstanding animals have to be brought to a halt. A recent census found that the population in fifteen countries had dropped by 30 percent. This 30 percent loss was equal to 144,000 elephants(Thomas Crosbie Media 1). This census was conducted from 2007-2014. The current decline in population of the Savanna elephants is 8 percent annually(Thomas Crosbie Media 1 ). Numerous amounts of these elephants were slaughtered for one reason and that was for their tusks. They were killed…show more content…
In 2011 there were 88,000 elephants roaming in the forest, but by 2014 that number had declined to 82,000(Gogo 1). Hundreds of elephants have been killed in the Hwange National Park. The poachers have began to poison the waterholes to avoid any suspiciousness from a gunshot. When the poachers began doing this all of the animals that came to the waterholes were killed but the poachers did not care. The elephant population in all of Africa is quickly declining. There are only an estimated 475,000 elephants left in the wild compared to the 1.3 million that were roaming in 1970(Gogo 2). The elephants are a very prized animal for the poachers, but there are also other animals that are widely targeted. For example, the Rhino is another one of the poachers most prized animals. The population of Black rhinos has dropped from 65,000 to 5,000 in the last fifty years(Gogo 2). One of its horns can bring up to $15,000 per Kg(Gogo 2). Also, the lion is a very prized animal fetching poachers large profits. The population of lions in 1964 was up to 200,000 but in 2014 was between 20-35,000 lions(Gogo
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