Critique On Immigration, Youth And Education

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Article Critique: Immigration, Youth, and Education Introduction to the research study The understanding the issues of immigration in the United States give a thorough knowledge of the educational system today and in the future. The United States see immigrants and their children as a drain on the economy and a threat to the security of our nation. The question over illegal immigration is who, how many, and what should be the criteria for the immigrants to work and stay in the United States. Many states in the United States are passing laws that make the undocumented immigrants criminals, such as Arizona SB 1070 and Alabama’s HB 56, which bans undocumented immigrants attending public colleges. Also, this house bill teachers have to verify a student’s legal status and report it to the state board of education. The immigration issue has led to a media frenzy and political turmoil within the undocumented immigration community, which in turn has led this group of people to be a resource for economic development and global competitiveness for the United States Statement of the problem The study, “Immigration, Youth, and Education” written by Oh and Cooc (2011). The authors’ make assumptions the undocumented immigrants are here to stay. The children of immigrants are the fastest-growing population in the U.S. which, make up twenty-five percent of the population today. Also, it is projected that children of immigrants will make up one-third of the 100 million children by 2050.
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