Critique of Jefferson and Hamilton Essay

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Different people have different outlooks on how the nation should be ran and how our economy should produce our money. For instance two great presidents have two different outlooks on how our economy and our politics should work. Thomas Jefferson wanted an economy based on small family owned farms, while Hamilton on the other hand wanted to manufacturer and produce as much as possible in factories. Both of their plans for the economy have many strong points, but they also have some weak points. Many small towns and families make their living off of their family farms. Yes, this may be a great way of living for these families, but would it really be able to support a nation? Thomas Jefferson's idea of how a nation should be ran…show more content…
This extensive drawn out plan he created listed everything he desired to do, from the labor to the employment to the securing a steady demand. Hamilton tried to promote diversity in the society, he also tried to get men to bring out their own talents that make them unique, and every man has something else to offer to promote new things in the society. Even the women and children were made more useful in his plan, he found a place for everyone to be apart of this "new nation." It is made evident that Hamiltion had the future of America in his mind when he drew up this plan. The future of America relies on manufacturing and Hamilton realized that, the future could of never surrived on just farming, there was just too many improvements to do. Think if we didn't have manufaturing, that would mean no telephones, no cars, and no means of communition unless you wanted to walk over to whom ever's house you had to talk to. Without someone manufactuing water purifiers we wouldn't have clean water, which means there would be many more dieases and deaths. Just fruits and vegetables alone wouldn't of cut if down the road, people would of got sick of them easily. Jefferson thought of the one main necessity in life, food, but he didn't think of how to improve the quality of life in America. While Hamilton on the other hand, took time to draw out his detailed plan on how to put his plan into attack, he also included everyone in his society. Though the plans differ
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