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An article called “The Use of Music to Promote Sleep in Older Women” was published in the twentieth volume of the Journal of Community Health Nursing in 2003. It was written by Julie E. Johnson, who is the dean and a professor for the College of Nursing at Kent State University in Ohio. She is a registered nurse who holds a PhD and is a member of the FAAN. Being a member of the FAAN suggests that she has contributed to the field of nursing in a positive way. Johnson’s article attempts to find out whether listening to music at bedtime positively affects the sleeping habits of older women suffering from insomnia. She tested this by observing fifty-two older women for twenty nights in total; ten nights to establish a…show more content…
Also, the population is simply called “older women” in the title. After reading the article, one would know that the population of the study was actually women over 70 who suffered from chronic insomnia. If the article could be renamed, “The Use of Client Chosen Music to Promote Sleep in Women Over 70 Suffering from Chronic Insomnia”, it would provide the reader with much more information at first glance. Regardless of the specificity of the title, the topic remains relevant to nursing because many patients a nurse typically sees fall into this age category. It is not uncommon for older adults to have sleeping difficulties, which, if not treated, could end up triggering physical problems or even alter mental status. If a nurse could intervene with simple teachings to promote sleep, they could provide an easy and inexpensive solution to their patients sleep problems. Like the title of the article, the abstract is also fairly vague. It just barely makes it for the appropriate length for an abstract (at 104 words) and important information is left out because of this. The abstract does not describe the problem statement of the study, and only very briefly addresses the purpose of the research. The abstract states, “Fifty-two women over the age of 70 participated in a study to investigate the use of an individualized music protocol to

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