Critique of Mary Worley's Article: Fat and Happy Essay

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As obesity escalates towards becoming an epidemic in modern day America, pressures to stay fit have become overwhelming from media and doctors. Mary Ray Worley, a member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), believes that modern day society is completely intolerant of obesity so much as to say that they "would rather die or cut off a limb than be fat" (492). She has made it a priority to convince Americans to accept obesity which she fights for in her essay, Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance. She believes that people should not be ashamed of their bodies, or try to change them to fit in with the crowd. She discusses a new outlook on body image and believes that we all should create “a new relationship…show more content…
Without a question, it is not fair that overweight people go through their entire lives being criticized and taunted for their weight. Worley explains how rude comments discourage fat people from exercising because they are embarrassed and “they don’t have the support they need to continue” (494). It is the stares and snide remarks that give overweight people low self-esteem. Worley justly states that “you’re entitled to the space you take up” (496). No person should feel like they need to hide away from the world. Not all of Worley’s claims have valid points however. She stated that "health professionals are among the most prejudiced people around" (494). She is implying that the majority of health professionals are prejudice towards all of their overweight patients. Yet her reasoning was not supported and her claim was fueled solely by resentment. She also explains that overweight people do not like going to doctors or weight loss clinics for medical needs, because “the goal is usually to lose weight as quickly as possible, as though to snatch the poor fat soul out of the jaws of imminent death”(494), in contrary to focusing on just being healthy. This is true with some health professionals, but it should not hinder someone from finding an adequate physician or nutritionist Worley further excuses obesity by giving many reasons as to why obese people don’t try to lose weight. She excuses inactivity by the embarrassment of

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