Critique of Meindle’s Management and Leadership Styles

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Case Analysis: Zelte USA


Kimberley Coleman
Strayer University
BUS 520
Critique Meindle’s management and leadership styles.

Meindle’s approach to management resembles a hierarchal structure, with orders coming down from the top with very little upward communication. He didn’t pay much attention to individual personalities. Maintaining tight control over all company operations was the way Meindle managed Zelte. He refused to allow other sales representatives to contact the company’s largest customers. Meindle also meddled in the day to day operational activities of the company. For example, Meindle signed every purchase order, instead of letting the purchase manager sign for it. He reviewed every piece of mail that
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The American subordinates felt technical incompetence. Meindle paid less attention to individual personalities. According to Daniel Workman, analyst of Germany’s management style, “they resist change. German managers have a strong aversion to risk and a superiority complex”. This compels to Germans to maintain tight control of key management positions.

What alternatives do the four managers have to solve the dilemma they face? • Tom Williams – Finance manager, who is tired of fighting with his boss. Doesn’t speak German, never traveled to Germany. “Just live with it”. Doesn’t want to deal with making a decision, or ruffle any feathers. Tends to ignore what is going on and do nothing. • Lloyd Forrest - Production manager, who wants to provide good service to the customer and make sure that the customers are satisfied. Lloyd appears to be one who sees the overall big picture. He may be able to point out to Meindle the mutual benefits of working together and compromising. • Bob Holson – Sales manager, whose alternative option may lead to quitting the company. He is not enthusiastic to how the company is being run. His approach to this situation should be minimized discussion or expression of feelings or subjective elements unless Meindle appears to be open to this perspective. Doesn’t speak German. Visit Germany briefly. • Dan Offerman- Youngest member of the Zelte management team, who
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