Critique of New Age Bollywood

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New Age Bollywood: Society’s call or IQ’s fall The actress flexes her belly muscles for the 367th time on screen. She seems to be quite content with the blatant stereotyping and the pigeon-holing. The fact that she is only there as a commodity doesn’t seem to bother her. The actor falls in love at first sight – with her or her belly dancing, we’re not really sure. The same actor proceeds to bash the skulls of 453 similar minded men lusting after the aforementioned belly to prove his love for the actress. (With all due respect to the undoubtedly smart and perfectly reasonable 453 goons, it often beats me why they all never attack at once.) The audience erupts at the end of the painfully (er, coat please) long fight sequence, hooting,…show more content…
Cue fully deserved standing ovation. If you find that the plot of Partner is remotely similar to that of Hitch, or that Phir Hera Pheri is identical to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels then you, my friend, are clearly mistaken. I want you to stare at the mirror long and hard and think about where your life is headed. Oh, and you also reek of anti-nationalism. All events in the movies are fictitious and any resemblance, however compelling, to any Hollywood movie is purely coincidental and accidental. The rate at which Bollywood standards have fallen, and continuously kept plummeting, would easily put the 1929 Great Depression to shame. That is a feat in itself, and thus deserves applause. Thus, we dedicate this article to all those bright souls who over the years have played a huge part in this country’s collective mental degeneration. Where we as a society would have strayed without their relentless guidance is anyone’s guess. It simultaneously sickens and saddens me to discover that the present generation derives immense pleasure from this utter dross that is churned out week after week. But then, who am I to question the absolute behemoth of public approval that is the Indian Film Industry. I am a mere mortal who has no right to pelt small stones at this greatly revered sleeping giant. Well, even if I do, there obviously won’t be any effect. As long as the immensely rational people of our country keep devouring these frankly demeaning offerings, the
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