Critique of Oprah Winfrey's Film Version of Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Oprah Winfrey lied on the opposite end of Zora Neale Hurston’s spectrum when she produced her atrocious rendition of Hurston’s stellar novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. She modified characters and symbols, altered the theme and relationships, and utterly desolated the significance of the title, making it almost unrecognizable to someone who has read the book. Winfrey totally eviscerated Hurston’s unsurpassed novel, extrapolating what she thought important without going in depth in to the true meaning of the story. Oprah took Hurston’s writing and morphed it into her own abominable movie. Oprah’s first mistake, changing Janie’s character to making her equal to men, strengthened Janie in order to show that she controlled her life. Zora…show more content…
Oprah’s reconstruction of Tea Cake’s character changes the way he acts and conclusively his outcome in the movie to the viewer. The overall theme of Their Eyes Were Watching God, a journey, was desolated by Oprah Winfrey who morphed it into a love story. Oprah perceived the book to have to do with Janie Crawford going through life to find love and not a journey of Janie going through her life and experiencing various events. “’…it was one of the most beautiful, poignant love stories I’ve ever read’” (Dir. Darnell). Oprah misconceived the theme when reading and portrayed the theme of her movie to encase love and Janie’s progress for love. “Oprah’s rendition of Their Eyes Were Watching God reduces the novel’s complexities of race, gender, and history to pretty costumes, lush backgrounds, and sexy bodies” (Ceptus). The change in theme creates an overall change in the movie, making it into a movie of love and romance and takes the true meaning away from the story in the book. Oprah carelessly produced this movie, distorting the theme, focusing it on Janie and her searching for love as opposed to her journey and experiences through life. Oprah Winfrey even altered or left out symbols like the horizon and the gate, which had a significant part in how the story worked itself out, therefore, it changed the overall story when altering the symbols. The horizon played an

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