Critique of Research Results of a Study

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Critique of Results The results that were gathered from the researchers were very vague and minute. Although the researchers pointed out that the FT group displayed much improvement from pretest to post-test, this was not true for state anger. When examining the experimental group and control group, the difference came out to be 3.29 which is very insignificant. In addition to the results being insignificant, they were also short in length. Consisting of only two paragraphs, the results lacked reinstatement of the hypothesis and purpose. Critique of Discussion For example in the discussion area, the purpose was restated but the hypothesis wasn't. Lacking such components from a research study can downplay the project altogether. The project can begin to lose credibility due to missing or inefficient data. Projects of this nature cannot hold in the academic arena. As a result, the study as a whole becomes insignificant. Summary of Critique The most detrimental factor in this research study was the fact of failing to reinstate the hypothesis and purpose in the necessary sections of the research paper. Despite the shortcomings of this research proposal, this publication can be looked upon as an example for future researchers to help them develop further empirical data needed to validate the hypothesis. The therapy seems grounded and functional for individuals dealing with issues of trauma and hurt. Further research that could help answer the questions the researchers had
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