Critique of Title IX

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What if you were told that a law was made to remove discrimination of sexes in sports and education, or that man and woman are both given equal opportunities as far as an athletic or educational career? Would you then agree or disagree with the ideology that both sexes are still treated different even though this law was created and the opportunities that were promised aren’t precisely indistinguishable? Title IX does not accurately protect sexual discrimination; it doesn't give equal opportunities, and is unjust as far as benefits between male and female sports. Although this law allows men and women to participate in the same sports and educational fields it does not efficiently take care of those who feel sexes should be separate…show more content…
In order to comply with Title IX the schools had to effectuate with what's called proportionality. (CBS news) Proportionality states that the portion of the school that is female must also be the portion of athletes that is female. Therefore setting a balance between the schools ratio and the athletic ratios and also enforcing Title IX. The problem that balancing caused was that the school had to add more women sports which cost more money to the school, or choose to cancel some of the schools male sports. Subsequently, the schools had to do what was best for the school and to avoid going into debt for sports the male sports had to be put on the burner. Many schools cut male wrestling, track and field, tennis, and gymnastics teams instead of adding women sports. Jason Lewis a gymnasts whose team was eliminated said that the number of men’s teams are dwindling because colleges are dropping what are called the minor men's sports, the ones that don't draw crowds or make money, and investing more and more in just one sport – football. The Fact that just twenty-three years ago, there was 107 men's gymnastics teams in this nation, now there are only 20 teams left just so happens to prove Lewis's statement to be true.(CBS news) Finally, Title IX says that equal benefits should be given to both men and women in the sports and education industries, but there are people who disagree with this statement. Title IX was not made for the intent of giving women a beneficial
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