Critique of a Survey

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Critique of a Survey Starting with the introduction of the survey they seemed to be too specific in their intro of what was going to be in the survey by describing each type of question that would be presented throughout the survey. I feel like this information isn’t necessary and over excessive in an introduction. That part of the introduction should be taken out and instead maybe include something along the lines of “Please read every question carefully and thank you for participating” or something along those lines. Regarding the question before the first question I feel like this makes answering the first question confusing because it makes it seem like I should be answering that question even though it is just a set up for the…show more content…
Again, the question above question 12 should be reformatted to a statement instead because of possible confusion it could cause the participant of the survey. And for question 12 I feel like there should be another question or 2 because it seems odd that there is just one question concerning unpaid internships, maybe they could include more questions about why they took it. Or since the next section is on internships maybe you shouldn’t separate them and include question 12 in the next section so the format doesn’t look awkward. In the instructions about the next set of questions it should be changed to “Indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements,” this should be added so that it doesn’t make it seem like you are leaning for them to answer agree to the statements. With questions 13 and 14 I think they should add more spacing to the numbers and get rid of the commas just to make each number distinguished and separate from the rest. For question 15 I think they should change it to “Are you trying to or thinking about graduating early to save on
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