Critique of the Play 'Blood Wedding'

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Critique Of The Play 'Blood Wedding' Introduction This work in writing conducts a critique of the play entitled "Blood Wedding" written by Federico Garcia Lorca. Blood Wedding is a 1933 tragedy in three acts and seven scenes. The characters in this play are archetypes including the severe over-protective mother, the handsome Groom, the young furtive Bride. Theme This play is about a young woman who is to marry but is unwillingly trapped by her love for another man, Leonard, who married her cousin with whom he has one child and another on the way. The Bride in this play wants desperately to marry the Bridegroom and wants to love him. The mother in this play has lost one son who was killed by a knife so she is very adverse to knives of any kind whatsoever. Settings and Design The elements of the play in terms of the settings and design of the stage evoked precisely the moods that Federico Garcia Lorca attempted to evoke when his play was written. The poetry in the play accentuates the actions of the actors as the play progresses forward to the wedding and at every juncture to invoke the change in the emotional aspects of the play. For example, when the maid is preparing the bride for the wedding the song (poetry) is happy and celebrative however, in the last act of the play the poetry is dark and foreboding. The Struggle The play tells of a struggle between what one wants for themselves in terms of their future life and what the heart wants as it tugs
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