Critique on Is Your Job an Endangered Species Essay

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Gabreille Montez
Mr. Shelley
ENGL 102
28 September 2013 Technology taking over job opportunity In “Is Your Job an Endangered Species?” Andy Kessler effectively organizes his work by using different grouping skills. He introduces his idea by grabbing the attention of his audience; however, his informal tone isolates his audience. Kessler writes to persuade the reader on his belief that the advancement in technology is negatively impacting the job industry by replacing thousands of everyday jobs. He cynically groups workers into two types: Creators, “ones driving productivity”(Kessler 331); and servers, “ones who provide services to creators”(Kessler 311). He depicts servers in a very negative connotation that
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Starting off with the question “So where the heck are all the jobs?”(Kessler 330) causes readers to question this themselves. Most college graduates have trouble when searching for employment. Even with a degree, a massive amount of people are unemployed and have been asking themselves that very question. The author also uses the word “heck” to demonstrate personal frustration, and to shock the reader. Kessler uses un-affective persuasive skills by presenting a logical fallacy. Kessler claims the government has spent 3 trillion in stimulus, resulting in “ all we got were lousy 36,000 jobs last month”(Kessler 330). This misleading statement is known as false analogy, ultimately hurting the effectiveness of his introduction. Recent government stimulus has been distributed to help in other areas besides employment. This stimulus serves to provide state tax cuts, as well as business aid. The fast that Kessler believes 2 trillion dollars has been wasted is very un-relevant and false to assume.
Effective Organization Skills “Is Your Job an Endangered Species?” displays a very effective structure. Kessler begins with an introduction, giving background information that presents his main beliefs efficiently. Providing reputable data regarding the recent unemployment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics account for most of the articles factual
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