Critique on Kingdom Education Essay

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Critique on Kingdom Education
Kingdom education is a process that begins with a child accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior and continues with the goal of that child reaching maturity in Christ. As such, evangelism and discipleship are part of a kingdom education that will train children to know God and have a biblical worldview. This worldview is taught through Bible stories, but is also incorporated into every subject and into educational methods that reflect a biblical philosophy.
Ultimately, parents are responsible before God for their child; however, it is the role of the church and the school to support the parents in their God given responsibility. In Kingdom education, these three cords must work in harmony to
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Kingdom education has two purposes. The first is universal and involves the call of God upon each child to accept him as Lord and Savior. The second is personal and involves training each child to obey God’s individual call to serve him throughout their earthly life. Schools prepare students to obey God in this world and “to stand before God for eternity.” (2006, p. 168).
A detrimental philosophical element that exists in society today is dualism. Dualism is the belief that life, and truth, can be divided into the secular and the spiritual. Some truth and reality is secular, and some is spiritual. This compartmental view of life causes spiritual truth to be seen as less accurate and real than scientific fact, and considers God relevant in a religious context, but irrelevant to most of life. Christians must view all truth as God’s truth, and see everything from this supernatural perspective.
Personal Response
Education plus God equals success. While this statement is true, the job of incorporating the truth about God into everything taught is becoming increasingly more difficult. Schultz charted public education’s view of reality, truth and value throughout the history of the United States to show how an unbiblical worldview has increasingly taken hold of society, the educational system and
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