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Critique of Research Studies - Part 1 Shiji Tom Philip GCU Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization Nur 504-0101 Dr Eva Hvingelby November 30, 2014 Quantitative Study Title The title of the article is “ Effect of supplemental sensory stimulation program as an adjunct to developmental support program in high risk infants” written by Namitha Shenai and Jyothika N Bijilani (Shenai & Bijlani, 2013). According to Polit and Beck, an effective title should attract the readers by including the dependent variables, independent variables and the population studied. Also it should not contain more than 15 words (Polit &Beck, 2008). Since the title of the article contains both dependent and independent variable and the population…show more content…
The null hypothesis was that the supplemental sensory stimulation is not effective in developmentally delayed infants (Shenai & Bijlani, 2013). The alternative hypothesis was that the sensory stimulation is effective in developmentally delayed infants. (Shenai & Bijlani, 2013) Both the hypotheses were relevant to the study done and state the relation between the variables. Literature Review The authors have listed three literature reviews in the article. Two of them were from the nineties and one was from the year 1979. Even though the studies were relevant to the problem and explain a review of the problem and the need for study, they are not up to date. The summary of the literature review is not good enough to get a deeper knowledge about the literature. The authors should have done more elaborated explanation of the evidences of the problem in the literature. Conceptual and Theoretical Framework The article does not provide a theoretical or conceptual framework for the study. Even though a theoretical background does not support the study, the purpose of the study is significant to the nursing field and provides a clearly defined intervention. But the absence of a theoretical framework develops a conceptual fuzziness to the study (Polit & Beck, 2008). Qualitative Study Title The article

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