Critique"the Manager's Job: Folklore and Fact"

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Individual Critique

The Manager’s Job:

Folklore and Fact

By Henery Mintzberg


• Does anyone can fully expound what is manager’s
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Does Bill Gates have to perform a number of rituals? The author gives a small company example is not sufficient to prove all management work must handle daily rituals. In general, big company managers in handling daily affairs sometimes tend to make decision-making, leadership or to control the situation. Small company managers spend more time on the small things such as interpersonal, management of daily affairs.

• Subsequently, aurthor deems that managers hardly get useful and current information from mail, he points only 13% was of specific and immediate use, people prefer get information from verbal media rather than a tremendous system or mail. This conclusion may make readers have a prejudiced opinion as to the importance of internet in managerial work. It is a indisputable fact that the internet brings a singnificant impact to both our life and work. ( Henery Mintzberg 2009). With the increasing junk mails flock into our inbox, managers may get tired and give up checking mails, but there are still a lot of managers are using mails when they deal with transnational business, it’s quite convenient, instant and cheaper than using phone calls.

• On the introduction of the basic meaning of manager, the aurthor cites many of data to stand up some points but these data are derived from a very earlier study in 1967, even this phenomenon reflects the entire article. Should the reader still believe these conclusions are applied to
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