Critiquing A Qualitative Research Article

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Critiquing a Qualitative Research Article
Erinma Obioha
South University

Critiquing a qualitative research article
Nurses are required to base their practice on evidence-based research. Therefore, it is essential for nurses to develop the skills necessary to analyze a research article. Critiquing a research article helps nurse judge the creditability of the information presented. This essay reviews a qualitative study titled “Factors Associated With Aggressive Behavior Among Nursing Home Residents With Dementia.”
Ryan, Coughlan, and Cronin (2007); Beck (2009) suggest that a research title should be unambiguous. A clear, accurate and concise header forms a major component or guideline for analyzing a qualitative study. Armed with this information, the title of the study is clear, concise and arrests the attention of the reader. From reading the title of the research article, it is easy to understand that the study focuses on looking at factors that contributes to aggressive behavior (AB) in the dementia patient population living in a nursing home. The title would precipitate further reading into the research study.
According to Ryan, Coughlan, and Cronin (2007) having a clear overview of study, findings, methodology, recommendations amongst other criteria influences the believability of the content in a research paper. The abstract clearly and concisely outlays its objectives, designs, methods, and implications; however, the abstract did
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