Critiquing Qualitative Research Interview

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by nurses (Winters & Neville, 2012). As the target population are the nurses, they’re also the participants of the study. The participants reflect the target population, as they’re nurses whom chosen to provide perceptions of the reasons that patient care is being missed. Data was gathered in a setting, where researcher and the interviewee agreed on time and meeting place (Winters & Neville, 2012). In the study, time period of the data collection wasn’t indicated by the researchers. Sampling for the study, was voluntary, as nurses would respond to the study’s advertisement (Winters & Neville, 2012). After the response to the advertisement, sampling of the nurses was further selected based on the following criteria. To proceed with the study, the sampling population had to be RNs, have over twelve months hospital…show more content…
In this study, it indicated whom the participants were, how the sampling population was chosen, sampling criteria, and technique and instrument used to gather data. The instrument used by the researchers was conducting interviews with the participants. To the collect data, interviews would take one hour to complete and would be semi-structured (Winters & Neville, 2012). The procedure was relevant, as utilizing interviews to gather data, identified personal experiences from nurses that provided verbal supportive information of the issue indicated in the objective. Interviews are an appropriate direction to describing the variables of the study’s approach. As data is gathered from participant interviews, it is categorized and themes arise where they’re then incorporated to the study’s framework (Winters & Neville, 2012). Furthermore, by categorizing and identifying themes, it allows researchers to organize their data and understand how each of their variables relates to the study’s
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