Critiquing child advocacy plans Essay

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Critiquing child advocacy plans

When a child is born certain rights protect him or her. However, the child is unable to speak or represent what they need for survival. As a result the children are covered under the Children’s Rights law. These laws have been adapted to fit the needs of all children who are enrolled in the school and/or daycare setting. In these facilities, children are more likely to get sick due to the interaction with the other children.

Critique of child illness and medications
The guidelines provided by Education Center were considerably more detailed than the guidelines provided by the Public School. The Education Center covered everyday scenarios such as vomiting, diarrhea, colds, mouth
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If you are notified to pick up your sick child, please do so promptly. The Center is not staffed to provide extended care for ill children. Please notify the Center if your child has a contagious illness. If your child is absent please send a note including the date and reason for absence upon his/her return. Before being readmitted to the Center, any child that has been absent for 3 (three) or more days must have a written statement from the parent or physician, indicating that he/she may return to regular activity.

The Center should be called immediately if your child contracts a communicable disease such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, strep throat, scarlet fever, etc. Please keep your child home if there is any doubt concerning illness (fever, rash, sore throat, etc.) and contact your physician in order to stop the spread to other classmates. The child must remain home for the time period specified by the physician. No students may attend the Center while results of any medical cultures are pending. It is not necessary to call the Center every time your child is absent.

In case of simple injury (e.g. abrasions, skinned knees, splinters), the staff will perform routine hygienic measures of washing with soap and water and applying adhesive strips. Ice will be applied to bumps. No topical medication, ointments, etc. may be used.

If circumstances require, emergency medical services will be called. The school staff will respond as necessary until rescue
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