Crititque of The Produciton The Fantasticks Essay examples

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Crititque of The Produciton The Fantasticks
*Works Cited Not Included If there is truly tradition to be found among the great theatres both on and off Broadway, then certainly the Sullivan Street Playhouse and its long running production of The Fantasticks rates as one of the most celebrated of New York theatrical traditions. Maintaining its place as the longest running production Off Broadway, The Fantasticks remains an enchanting and insightful tale of both young love and bitter disillusionment. It also reminds one, in this age of spectacle and the mega-musical, how powerful and truly inspiring theatre itself can be. Clearly, one of the great strengths of this production and a large part of its appeal for audiences over the last
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In a very humorous, but insightful duet "Never Say No," the Fathers explain their intentions for arranging their children's marriage, all the while appearing the typical, disapproving parents. At this point, the Narrator becomes more actively involved in the action of the story and convinces the Fathers that the only way to truly insure their children's pairing is to stage an abduction of the Girl, thereby allowing the Boy to save her and the two to live happily ever after. Enlisting the help of a couple of ancient traveling players, the Fathers and El Gallo do indeed stage a rather miserable kidnapping, which works perfectly in convincing the Boy and Girl they do truly love one another and are destined to be together forever. All of this occurs before intermission, so what's left to tell in the second act? Simply, how life sets in, how happily ever after seldom ends happily, and whether we like it or not, how pain and heartbreak are an essential part of real love. It is really in the telling of the second act that the story of The Fantasticks begins to soar. Because it is at this point we begin to see the contrast between the young lover's idealized vision of love and the reality of trying to maintain love in a world full of thieves, cheats, and charlatans. As the second act begins, we see the actors, the Fathers and the Boy and Girl, in the same exact

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