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Critique of “Our Wall” In “Our Wall”, the author, Charles Bowden gives a detailed account of the conflict associated with the wall along the United States-Mexico border. The author makes his points through interviews with many different people along both sides of the border along with historical events and facts. Bowden is a very credible source, with years of experience working in the area and creates a very thorough account of the issue. The author seems to take a stance against the wall, but he does point out the other side of the argument and things that could be good about it. I wish the author would have made his viewpoints more clear because they are a little bit hard to pick up on. Another item I think was missing from the…show more content…
This, in turn, forces people to go deeper into the dessert. To do this, the author explains that people use coyotes or hired guides and are often put in more dangerous situations. It is easy to develop a counter argument to this point, though I agree with the author. One could just say that the United States should not be concerned with the safety of the people crossing the border, since they are doing it illegally. The author uses quotes from people who have made the trip or have firsthand experience. The author also uses firsthand stories from people to show the ineffectiveness of the wall. One specific story the author mentions is of a man on the Mexican side who lives close to the wall and jumps it regularly just to go to a bar and then comes back the same night. I think this story is already proving that the wall is ineffective and with time it will become more ineffective. With the ineffectiveness increasing so is the support. One man interviewed said “When they first built it, it was not a bad idea—cars were crossing illegally from Mexico and the Border Patrol would chase them. But it’s so ugly.” One quote the author gives from someone in favor of the wall is from a man named Dan Duley who lives on the United States side of the wall. He says “We need help. We’re being invaded. They’ve taken away our jobs, our security. I’m just a

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