Crj 441 Homeland Defense: History Of Terrorism

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History of Terrorism
CRJ 441 Homeland Defense
Instructor: Gloria Ramsey
Jacqueline Marrero

Terrorism is defined as an act of violence that is committed by an organization or a single person in order to be heard. Terrorist acts are usually based on a couple factors such as, historical grievances, foreign policy decision, poverty, and religion. Terrorism is not a new act amongst the world but something that has been around since the beginning. To understand a criminal you must think like a criminal, and understand why they committed a crime or a violent act, then you can prevent and conquer.
“Violent activities undertaken with the goal of obtaining ideological objective.” (Mcentire, 2008) This type of thinking was
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Though there were no types of actual assassinations according to the text that includes the United States there are people and researcher who believe that we were involved in some way or another. A reason for committing a terrorist attack that includes assassinations is usually due to either political or religion disagreements. The “Gunpowder Plot” took place in 1605 when a disagreement between religion and power collided. King Henry VIII and the Pope during this time who was Pope Clement VII. (Mcentire, 2008) The King wanted to divorce his current wife Catherine and wanted to marry another women by the name of Anne Boleyn. The Pope refused to do such thing since it is frowned upon in church and in that case the King denounced himself as a catholic and began to close downs churches which angered some people. (Mcentire, 2008) One in particular man by the name Guy Fawkes and others wanted to reinstate the Pope was the head of England once again by blowing up the Place of Westminster. This just shows how power and religion have always been a part of history and is mostly always connected with terrorist…show more content…
During this time people demand for a political structure and did not want he needs of a kind. The Enlightenment is defined as, “A period in history when a new way of looking at social, political, and economic structures emerged.” (Mcentire, 2008) Because of this movement democratic government started to emerge in society. (Mcentire, 2008) The revolutionary war in North America was a result of the transformation that was beginning. The “Reign if Terror” which is, “The period during the French Revolution where an estimated 20,000 persons were killed by France’s committee of Public Safety.” (Mcentire, 2008) This was done because some turned on their own people in order to be heard. Terrorism has evolved greatly since these times but for the reasons that people committed such actions stay the same.
During the years there were multiple types of terrorism attacks that were done for different reasons. What I mean is that terrorism started to achieve its own identity. Nationalist movements which are known as, “Efforts on the part of a group or a nation to obtain political independence and autonomy.”(Mcentire, 2008) These types of attacks started to flourish in the Middle East, and other places such as India and Ireland. (Mcentire, 2008) Anarchists are known to be those who, “oppose specific government or all governments. “(Mcentire,
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