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Sigrun Finnsdottir
ACCT 367-01
Prof. Poyner

CRM Software: Customer Relationship Management Software
Introduction to CRM Software It’s very important to a business to have good customer relationships; CRM Software’s main objectives are to attract new customers while maintaining and satisfying their current customers and trying to win back the trust of former customers. Customers are one of the most important variables for a business owner to pay attention to, when trying to create a profit. Customer Relationship Management software keeps track of customer information to help the company maintain a strong relation with the customers. Good CRM Software brings together information from all databases within a company and gives
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The software allows them to see all dealer information in one place that is easy to customize. It also provided them with faster and more accurate order processing, enabled integration with ERP system, and also increased productivity (Taylor). Another benefit of having CRM Software is that it will help you save money. The software itself is found to be rather expensive at first, a smaller company might only spend couple hundreds of dollars on a CRM Software but a larger company might end up spending millions of dollars; however, in the end it’s cheaper than hiring and training employees (Destionation CRM). What makes the CRM System cheaper is the fact that you wont have to spend as much time training the employees, as well as hiring as many employees to do the tasks that the CRM System can do (Kikoy).
Disadvantages of CRM Software There are a few disadvantages as well as benefits as to having CRM Software. A common one is that the software is often too complex and difficult to understand, which may end up having some of its functions unutilized. If this happens the customer may become uncomfortable with not having the ability to understand the software. Another big disadvantage is that a system that has good usability tends to have poor security and vice versa. Due to this occurrence, if confidentiality is endangered it can be very hard to gain back customers trust (Kikoy).
What to look for in CRM Software When you are looking for CRM Software,
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