Crm System Cost

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How much does a CRM system cost? As Customer Relationship Management systems move from being “nice to haves” to essential tools in keeping businesses competitive, their implementation is growing at a rate to match. And of course, price and cost play a vital role. However, the price of a CRM system is more than just the cost of the software and IT. So how do you find out how much a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will cost? When budgeting for a project, making a business case for CRM, assessing quotes from a solutions provider, or just trying to get a realistic idea of how much you 'll need to spend, here 's a guide to some of the key factors you need to consider. Once you 've clearly defined your business requirements,…show more content…
A good starting point to estimating the price of professional services is by producing a project-scoping document. Once you 've identified your business requirements, a project scoping document will help show what needs to be done to realise these requirements. It 's recommended that you use an experienced project manager or consultant to produce this, which may of course incur a charge in itself. However, you may be able to negotiate on this if you choose to work with the CRM solutions provider who produces the scoping document. Depending on the nature and complexity of your CRM project, the project-scoping document may include: • Business process analysis • CRM project specification • Sales, marketing, and customer service systems design • Internal resources required (you 'll need high levels of input, and hence staff time, from several key areas within your company) • Project Management • CRM system design • System build and configuration • Data import • Data cleansing • System installation • Various levels of training • Internal procedure rewrite, updates • Hardware installation and upgrades • Additional software requirements • Depth of system integration to other office systems There are identifiable issues that affect each of these elements, the complexity of a CRM project and hence the
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