Crm System for Health Club

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Executive Summary
Club 24 Gyms

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current status of Club 24 Gyms’ CRM system and how it currently views customer orientation. The analysis of the model currently being used and recommendations on how to improve this model are included in the findings. One of the major findings is that there is no real CRM system in place. Also, Club 24 Gyms believed that it was operating for the customer but they do not currently have a good method of delivering quality customer orientation.
Recommendations for this business include implementing a CRM system and developing an action plan based on Club 24 Gyms core values that change how they deliver customer orientation. They will do this by adding a CRM
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If the employee understands the message Club 24 is trying to convey to the customer and can deliver it all the time they may keep their job. If the employee cannot grasp the concepts and values they must be let go. All of the new hires must be able to respond to a customers’ needs an enjoy giving the customer the satisfaction they deserve. Therefore there must be a zero tolerance rule in place so that if an employee is caught not operating in the interest of the customer they must be written up. If there is a second offense they are fired on the spot. On the flip side an incentive plan will be implemented in order to reward those who go above and beyond to serve and please the customer. Every time a fellow employees or customers send an email to the manager that states your exceptional service, the manager will then give out a gift card as a reward. We feel that this will promote an environment of competition which will also benefit the customer.
Step 2:
In this next step we are going to revamp the current system that Club 24 Gyms has which consists of member surveys and the member advisory board. In order to upgrade our member advisory board system we have come up with some improvements which will help enhance the current system. One key initiative is to have a monthly member survey email sent out to our entire customer base. We would also like to add a member contest in order to add some incentive for completion of this survey. This would help boost

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