Cro Magnon : Animals From The Beginning

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Cro-Magnon: Animals From the Beginning Homo Sapiens are the 21st century species. In the past, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons were Homo sapiens’ relatives around thirty five thousand years ago. When humans were much physically the same as chimpanzees, “homo sapiens” were relatives to the Neanderthal specie. Homo sapiens, which means “wise men” according to Rick Gore, is modern humans’ sophisticated name, but after Eduard Lartet a French geologist and his son Louis uncovered five layers of remains, including skeletons of ancient human (Lartet). Homo sapiens were named Cro-Magnons. The Cro-Magnon (early modern men) “took their name after a French rock shelter near the village of Les Eyzies where their fossils were first discovered in 1868” (Klein 387). Cro-Magnon was the progenitor of human beings, as we know the today “homo sapiens.” In fact, they 're the earliest known specimens of Europeans, including in the Middle East. Cro-Magnons “originated in warmer climates, as well as being well adapted culturally to confront with the unfavorable climate” (Andrews and Stringer 46). Although the human body structure has evolved throughout time, the major humankind development since the Cro-Magnon man has been mental capacity, medicine and technology improvement. “The first Cro-Magnon skull supported the theory that the brains have grown slightly smaller over the past tens of thousands of years. There are not any reasons supporting that Homo sapiens are less intelligent
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