Crocodile Vs. An Alligator-Personal Narrative

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It is about half past 1 in the morning; and it would have been much easier to just say one thirty am.. Why do adults say 5 past noon, when it would be far easier to say twelve o’ five. Curious,I was always about this question, to be more specific, I have always been curious about relatively more relevant & important subjects such as; what is the difference between a crocodile & an alligator ? why is the sky blue? Am I interested in girls? Why did my first and only love(so far) damage my delicate soul? Am I going to pass Philosophy 101 with an A? And what is my purpose? An Alligator opens its mouth in an A shaped form, while a crocodile forms a C. The sky is blue because of some scattered light forms due to the sun or something. A drunk girl

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