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Question 1: One of Crocs core competencies is a highly responsive supply chain. How does this give Crocs the advantage over its competitors? And, describe the three phase supply chain development strategy that Crocs used to achieve their flexible supply chain.
To satisfy its mission and comply with growing consumer demands, Crocs has built a strategic business concept around maintaining flexibility to offer retailers timely fulfillment while capitalizing on the efficiencies and cost advantages. Consequently Crocs operates a distribution model which is unparalleled in the retail footwear industry. The revolutionary supply chain allowed replenishment system which strengthens its relationships with customers by allowing the company to
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* Their distribution strategy allowed them to penetrate multiple worldwide markets in a short time.

Question 3: The three founders of Crocs hired Ronald Snyder, A college buddy and an outsider to the shoe industry, as a part time consultant to the company in October of 2003 and by January of 2005 he was the CEO. What was his management style? What strategies did he develop for Crocs that he used in the electronics industry? What was his attitude toward dealing with suppliers and the normal way of doing business in the shoe industry?
Snyder joined Crocs officially in 2004 as its president after the part-time consultancy role since 2003 (due to the rapid growth)
Snyder has experience managing growth due to his background as an executive at the electronics group Flextronics because this previous work needed high responsiveness to customer demands and quick ability to increase or stop production as required which ensure a high level of flexibility - to produce what the customer needed, when needed and responding rapidly to changes in demand- and implementing these strategies for Crocs leads to an excellent supply chain which guaranteed flexibility, adaptability, speed, better costs and innovation.
Snyder influenced the strategic development of Crocs company because of his leadership and his international & growth oriented management style: thinking big, and as a result Crocs has emerged as an international lifestyle brand, now selling in a multitude of

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