Essay about Crocs Case Study

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Globalization has changed the competitive landscape of all businesses and the footwear industry is no exception. Datamonitor’s profile of the industry estimates that in 2008 the global footwear market was valued at $196.6 billion and projects that figure to grow to 232.1 billion by 2013. How can firms such as CROCS or ECCO succeed in this global market? Datamonitor points out that this industry is highly competitive and that rivalry between firms is strong. A key success factor for the footwear industry is the successful development and management of a profitable supply chain. Different firms take different approaches to this issue. Neilsen points out that several large players such as NIKE and Timberland act more like “branded…show more content…
As demand for their product skyrocketed, CROCS was able to manufacture the needed supply quickly and flexibly which made them very popular with retailers. Anderson points out that their battle plan was to “think bigger than you are,” an approach the CEO had learned at his previous employer. By building the infrastructure ahead of demand CROCS was able to capitalize on the unexpected explosion in their product’s popularity. However, depending on one propriety product which is easily imitated and making changes to an industry’s supply chain does not add up to an enduring value-adding vision that sustains a brand through normal economic cycles. ECCO on the other hand has a compelling vision on their website: “to be the most wanted brand within innovation and comfort footwear.” They work towards this vision with passion as Neilson points out that they “remain extremely committed to comfort, design and a perfectly fitting shoe.” These are values any consumer would appreciate and when successfully executed will create repeat customers. ECCO focuses on innovative production and is a pioneer in using direct injection technology which is key in
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