Crocs Inc: Revolutionizing an Industry's Supply Chain Model for Competitive Advantage

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The company started its operation by making funky, brightly colored shoes using extremely comfortable plastic materials. The shoe manufacturing idea started in 2002 when three friends from Boulder went sailing in the Caribbean. One friend bought a pair of form clog shoes from a manufacturer in Canada. The three friends decided to start a business of selling the shoes to the sailing enthusiast in Florida. The three partners renamed the shoes to crocs, and by October 2003, the shoe had gained popularity throughout Florida and a better part of the US. Because of the expansion of the business and the need to have experts, they contacted a friend from college, Ronal Snyder who later became the CEO of the company.
Key problems
The coming in of Snyder and other key executives from an electronics company where he worked before, Challenged Crocs Inc to think of revolutionizing the manufacturing and supply of the products throughout the world. A number of problems faced in this move because Crocs products production and distribution had a long procedure. The supply chain model for Crocs follows various faces from production to distribution to retailers. Raw materials are shipped to a third party manufacturer in Italy. The Italian manufacturer carries out compounding and then shipping back to Foam…
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