Croesus Vs Aristotle

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It is not until Croesus’s enemy, Cyrus, is about to burn him alive on a pyre that Croesus acknowledges Solon’s important counsel and truths. Croesus learns that he must not take things for granted because the things he enjoys may be taken from him. He also must focus on what matters most, like his family, health and honor, rather than his wealth and excessive pride, or hubris. Croesus must endure to the end, or to his death, because he learns from Solon that God may show “people a hint of happiness and prosperity, only to destroy them later” (22). This allows for a person to be happy at one point in their life, but not at another resulting from fate and luck, validating Solon’s belief that it is necessary to wait until death. This account clearly counters Aristotle’s notion that a man’s happiness is permanent and unchanging in life as long as it is according to virtue.…show more content…
Considering these disputes, I find Aristotle’s account of happiness more satisfactory. I disagree upon Solon’s ideas that “human life is pure chance” and that happiness is a temporary state controlled by luck (Herodotus 20). I am a strong believer in moral and ethical character, therefore Aristotle’s conclusion that when a person displays the main virtues of justice, courage, moderation, and wisdom, he gains happiness, confirms my views. Everyone wants to be happy; therefore it is a purpose or goal achieved at the conclusion of one’s life resulting from the practice of virtue. I also support the belief that a contemplative life is the happiest life. Questioning and looking at the world in a greater sense helps to open an individual’s eyes and broaden his horizons to reason and justice. It is a self-sufficient way of life and admired for its own sake. This curiosity helps a person to flourish and secure more virtuous characteristics in life, guiding him on the road to ultimate
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