Cronic Hunger Essay

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Chronic Hunger People often misunderstand and misuse the word, hunger. Hunger isn’t the sound our stomach makes due to not eating for a few hours. Hunger is a disease that arises when people don’t get enough food to provide the nutrients to experience a healthy active life. Hunger is a reality and growing issue. It is not an issue that has recently began; it has been on going for years. A person at risk of going hungry has surged since the start of the recession. Most people are ignorant to the fact that hunger is present and exists only in Third world countries, and not in First world countries. This is the reason why I have donated some of my time to attempt to create a change. I decided to work with a food pantry in one of the richest…show more content…
The functionalist perspective also believes poverty is needed for society to function. It creates low paying jobs that are needed, farm workers, gardeners, childcare workers, and restaurant workers. If there was not poverty in society who would do these needed low paying jobs? Then there is the conflict perspective, it believes and states that because there is conflict in society there will be poverty in society as well. If there is wealthy people there has to be poor people, it balances society out. Wealthy people are self-centered and believe they deserve to be at the high position in society that they are. They view every lower class and poverty as a needed part of society, based on inequality. Over all the conflict perspective views poverty and conflict as a need and necessity to try to fix the problem of inequality. Lastly there is, symbolic interactionist perspective, which focuses on how meanings, labels, and definitions affect and are affected by social life. Society gives meanings and labels to everything. These meanings and labels affect the labeled and often cause them consequences. Individuals labeled, poor, are stigmatized as lazy, irresponsible, ignorant, and worthless. Soon they begin to believe and lack motivation to surpass this living. Due to these symbols existing and causing consequences to people there

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