Crosby Manufacturing Corporation

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Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Week 8 Assignment Valencia Freeman Dr. Gregory Hart Project Management BUS375006VA016-1118-001 November 27, 2011 1. Compose a synopsis of the case, using a maximum of 120 words. Wilfred Livingston the president of Crosby Manufacturing Corporation had called a meeting with the department managers to resolve the problem they have with their management cost and control systems (MCCS). In order to update the current MCCS and to increase the company’s…show more content…
They would help him with their suggestions whenever they think he needs their support. 4. Discuss the impact of cost and time constraints on networking techniques and project schedules. One of the main concerns during the meeting was the impact of cost and time constraints on networking techniques and project schedules. Under the ideal situation, the project start and end dates are fixed. Adding resources is not usually feasible as it increases cost. There should be a balance between time and cost constraints as it avoids wasting of resources. Also most people are willing to accept that costs could exceed expectations, and might even take a perverse delight in recounting past examples, the same is not true for time constraints. This is probably due to the fact that cost over runs are resolved in-house, while schedule issues are open and visible to the customer. A company has a lot of useful, desirable work that could be done, but has limited and finite resources available with which to do that work. Choices have to be made about which work to do and how to allocate resources. This leads to constraints especially, the time constraint and the cost constraint. Time, in project management, is analyzed down to its smallest detail. Each and every component of the project is analyzed with respect to the time required for completion. After completion of this analysis these components are broken down even further into the time required to do each task.
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