Crosby Manufacturing Corporation's Dilemma about Software Update

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CROSBY MANUFACTURING CORPORATION In this paper, we analyze the Crosby manufacturing corporation's dilemma about software update from the viewpoint of a project manager. Some of the main issues in this case study are discussed below in the form of positives and negatives: There are some positive and negative issues present in this case study. Positives include: Mr. Livingston, company president, is supporting the project and is not afraid of change. He wants the project to be successful and growth of the company is important to him. Mr. Livingston is also very clear about the fact that he knows nothing about software and is not very IT savvy. He is willing to listen to the experts and those who understand why software update is needed. We must also understand that Crosby manufacturing has enough government contractual support which means lucrative offers are already in the pipeline and hence the company is not suffering in the area of profits or business. It is also seen that department managers are very competent in their work area and now what they are talking bout. They know why vendor evaluation is required. On the negative side, the company's current situation has some downsides as well and these include: The paper who really matter in this case such as the end users, trainers and tech writers seem not very interested in attending meetings. There is not enough research going on in the possibility of a commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) solution Mr. Livingston

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