Cross Cultural Approaches to Professional Leadership

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Though I have prior knowledge of management theories and other examples of Hofstede's work, "Cultural Constraints in Management Theories" (1993) was a welcomed shock and surprise. One of the aspects of the article that struck me the most was the clear demonstration of the singularity of the American style, perspective, and application of management in the workplace. This fact made it abundantly clear to me, that as the CEO of a hypothetical multinational corporation, that it is imperative for the sake of my financial success, professional reputation, and for the sake of all my employees, I must not implement the American style of management as part of the leadership practice.
If I lead a multinational corporation, then it follows that I have multinational employees. Meaning, the corporation will have employees who represent multiple nations. Part of my leadership strategy is a low turnover rate for permanent or long term employees; therefore, if I want to keep my employees, I must keep them happy and show them respect. The incorporation of a leadership style within the corporation…
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